Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Episode 5: Construction Ahead!

Arrival In Waterdeep

Our tired adventurers arrive in Waterdeep on the evening of their 60th day of travel.
Their time to rest is minimal however, as the cultist wagons veer off into the city. Carlon Ammofel and Jamna Gleamsilver quickly follow at the parties behest but not before Carlon whispers to Valaric Silversong (a fellow harper) to meet them at the Yawning Portal. Jamna looks at them suspiciously.

Lasfero the Silent and his “cargo” pay Balthazar and Nem’eia their dues, and fare well Green Isma who goes off in search of a cure for her condition. Sulusdeg the Pole pays Lagertha and hands her a small hand carved woodpiece in the shape of a greatsword resting in a rock. This will show her as a friend to his people should they ever meet.

Hector and the party try to find Remilia Haventree, the drop off point for the cargo of the late Edhelri Lewell. Local folk don’t know her exactly but point the party in the direction of the Yawning Portal as being a favourite stop off for moon elves.

The Yawning Portal is a very famous inn; It is the entrance to the Undermountain dungeon which runs all under Waterdeep. Suddenly Valaric is grasped from behind, but manages to flip over his assailant. He is surprised to recognise his childhood friend Freya who has grown to be the bartender and owner of the Yawning Portal. She points to the stage, and he sees Alyssa Moonwhisper playing for the crowd. They recount to her their travels so far, and she grows dark. She wished it was not them but people are waiting in the back room for the party.

The party enters the room and are relieved to see Leosin Earlanthar and Ontharr Frume. Three other people are there, who are introduced as Delaan Winterhound, Lady Laeral Silverhand and another moon elf Remilia Haventree. Together these members represent every faction that is currently helping to thwart the cult.

Remilia represents the Harpers and the wood is part of supplied they were stocking for a war effort. As a gift she hands Hector a small Green Crystal. This crystal when held by Hector glows with the blue light of the full moon, casting dim light in a 60ft radius.

The party recounts so far where they have been, and when they get to asking where Carlon Ammofel is when Jamna Gleamsilver arrives, skulking in the rafters. She has “detained” Carlon elsewhere in the city, and wishes to exchange her knowledge of the cult to be included in the council. After some threats directed at her Leosin begrudgingly allows her and her faction entry.

She explains that:

  • The wagons have entered a warehouse on the north side of town.
  • The cargo has been loaded onto supply wagons bound for the North Road restoration project.
  • The High Road Charter Company is in charge of this project, which is sanctioned by Lord Dagult Neverember
  • Lady Laeral Silverhand insists that it is a legitimate operation and it seems that the cultists have infiltrated it somehow.
  • The party can visit the HRCC offices in the morning and speak to Ardred Briferhew to become part of the escorts or workers.

The council entreats the party to join the HRCC and find out the extent of the cultists infiltration and of course, where the treasure is heading.
The meeting to a close and the party retires for the evening. Carlon shows up later, only with a bruised head and ego.

In the morning the party meets Ardred Briferhew who hires them on as guards for the grand price of 1sp per 10 day, a fortune in this poor economy, after making them sign in triplicate all manner of waivers.
The party spies some of the cultists from the road trip and they return their disdainful stares in kind.

The road trip continues and on the 8th day the caravan stumbles upon three Lizardmen with a young female human slave (Sess Ety. They are being threatened by 12 toad like creatures called Bullymongs, who want to take their slave. Hector and Valaric manage to make an offer the lizardmen “can’t refuse” by buying the girl for 1000 steel ball bearings and a simple ruby that they bluffed as being the “tear of a red dragon”. The bullymongs,( feeling robbed of their prize and chance to steal from their enemies) murder one of the lizardmen with arrows and all parties flee into the bushes.

Arrival at the Carnath Roadhouse comes on the late afternoon on the 10th day.
The wagons accompanied by the cultists enter in first, and are unloaded into a room under the direction of a large half-orc called Bog Luck. The party disperses into the roadhouse and Hector meets the resident cook Gristle Pete and after a few drinks he mentions not being able to get any sleep from the “scratching and hissing and clawing at all hours of the night” from downstairs.

The other party members take up residence in a room next door to some cultists, and manage to hear the words “tunnel, lizardmen and stongroom” from the next room. The dinner bell chimes and everyone piles into the kitchen for dinner. Valaric Silversong manages to catch the eye of his enemy, the cultist Larion Keensblade. Trying his best to make peace, Valaric takes over a drink and does not see a leg swing out and trip him resulting in Larion being covered in liquor. This proves to be the final straw and Valaric is challenged to a duel downstairs. The roadhouse pours out to watch (and place a sneaky bet) on the winner. Ardred Briferhew shows Valaric his waiver which includes “death due to duels”.

Larion attacks viciously as the combatants wear each other down. The crowd cheers and hollers as strike upon strike is thrown. It looks like Valaric is certain to meet his doom when Larion Keensblade tired, goes to strike with his short sword, trips and impales himself. Valaric also notices that Bog Luck is carrying a scabbard just like the ones from the bandit camp.

The evening winds down, and a stable boy speaks to the adventurers about his suspicions that some of the wagoners are not exactly who they think they are. He shows them that there is a locked room inside the storage room. “What is so important to lock up in road supplies”? he says. Bog is the only one with the key.

The adventurers discuss at length what to do before Jamna Gleamsilver (Who has joined their journed to track down Azbara Joss) hurries them up. “Are we going to take this strongroom or what!”

Bjorn Jager stands guard as the rest of the party enters into the store room, picks the lock and breaches the strong room. Inside are many boxes all marked with a white hand with the fingers outstretched. This is the mark of the cult. After a little bit of searching they uncover a secret tunnel entrance… and a hoard of lizardmen who were climbing up into the room at that very moment! A short battle ensures and when it is done the party can hear the roadhouse awakening and shouting above them as the last of them slip into the tunnel…


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