Lagertha the Shieldmaiden

Human Fighter



Lagertha is an Illuskan woman from the north. Tall, blonde and blue-eyed she is typical of the northern trading tribes who barter their furs and wood work with Dwarf clans. Lagertha comes from a farming family who traded livestock and furs with the mountain dwarves. This is how she speaks dwarvish. Lagertha’s father had been a famous veteran warrior turned farmer who trained his sons and daughter in farming, smithing and fighting. He was also the Captain of the town militia. When the town was invaded by a band of marauding orcs, Lagertha stood with her father and brothers in the shieldwall. When her father was killed, it was Lagertha who took charge of the crumbling militia and led the countercharge which broke the invaders (her brothers sadly died in the assault). She became a folk hero in the region. She also came to the attention of one of the local Lords who considered himself master of her village (though he had not lifted a finger to aide them in their fight). This lord feasted Lagertha’s popularity and prowess and decided to make her his mistress (against her will). She rejected his attempt and when he tried to force her she beat him badly and fled back to her village. Not long after this, the lord had his cronies abducted her and he had her beaten (for this reason she has a specific hatred towards bullies and will not abide them, seeking revenge for what had been done to her). She returned to her village, gathered her belongings, and with her family dead and buried decided to leave for a better life than what was on offer in the north. Since then she has travelled progressively south in search of this better life and adventure and to make a name for herself in her own right. She met Valaric in her travels (who had heard of the exploits of Lagertha the Shieldmaiden) and has made her way with him to Fallcrest tavern (tolerating the inquisitive bard who has a nose for sniffing out quests worthy of her name and skills).

Lagertha the Shieldmaiden

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