Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Episode 4: On the Road

Murder most foul

The party has spent the best part of 60 days on the road as part of a convoy travelling north from Baldur’s Gate.

Along the way they made many friends, Green Imsa, Edhelri Lewel, Lasfelro and Sulesdeg being their employers, and a few enemies such as Aldor Urnpolehurst, who met an unfortunate end, but not before receiving a special deposit from Valaric.

Tragedy strikes when a trio of Doppelgangers infiltrate the caravan and woo several members.
Late at night Edhelri calls a besotted Hector to meet her under a tree, and when he approaches the doppelgangers strike. Unfortunately they had claimed Edhelri, and the adventurers find her body torn up in a gully not far from the camp.
Hector takes up the transportation of her exotic wood cargo to Waterdeep as his own personal quest.

In Daggerford the party meet with Sir Isteval, a retired elderly paladin who pledges his support to the characters and their quest against the cult. He also asks them to keep an eye out for an agent that has gone missing, Carlon Ammofel.

Two other characters also join the caravan in Daggerford, a shady halfling who trails a the only human to gain passage on the cultist wagons.

The halfling later reveals herself to the party as Jamna Gleamsilver, saving them from an assasination attempt by the cultists, who think they remember one of the party from the camp, but cant be sure. They were told to not allow any interference.

Jamna reveals she is on the partys side (Valaric showed her the Harpers medallion), but not on the same team. The human she is following is none other than Azbara Jos, a red wizard of Thay that Ne’mea saw back in the cultist camp. What do the red wizards and the cult have to do with each other?

The party meets Carlon later on, as they find him buried up to his neck in the road. He had been trailing a previous cultist caravan, but they had suspicions and convinced the caravan that he was an oathbreaker, who then passed judgement and left him in the road.

A day out from their arrival at Waterdeep the caravan awakes to a murder. One of the cultists is found dead, and the adventures have the finger pointed at them. After someone asks to see if something from the cultists wagons are stolen, the accusations die down as Azbara steps in and calms the crowd.

The sun is setting on the 60th day and Waterdeep comes into view as the caravan crests a hill. What awaits them in the city of splendors?


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