Valaric's Childhood - Illuskan Human


Freya (Illuskan Human) street-kid from the bad streets of Skullport/Waterdeep that Valaric grew up with. She was one of the little’uns that he used to look out for. This is why Valaric was drawn to Lagertha – her never say die attitude and her very rare moments of vulnerability remind him of Freya. As Valaric joined the bard college and became a teenager he still kept in touch with his street kid friends and helped them where he could (using his bard skills for running cons and scams with them – much to the ire of his mentor Alyssa). But the roles changed. As Freya got older and tougher on the mean streets the roles reveresed a bit (she became more of a rogue). Freya watched Valaric’s back when he performed and then looked out for him when he had to walk through the mean streets back to the College with a satchel full of coins.

Ownership of the Yawning Portal

She came into it after marrying the previous owner, who was murdered. The property is one of the hottest venues, and there is no shortage of challengers or suitors..


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