Bjorn Jager

Human Ranger


Second son to a woodsman of some local renown, Bjorn Jäger joined his father and brother in their craft and helped supply their village on the River Delimbiyr with game and the other bounties both The High, and Far Forests could provide. Taking to the longbow at an early age, he quickly proved adept, and shortly eclipsed even his father’s steady hand, sometimes entertaining folk with trick shots at the local fair.

By 25 he had become a master of his trade, having taken over his father’s position when he was killed by a charging boar some years prior. Bjorn has since become more withdrawn, preferring the company of the wilds to the comparatively hectic life of their small village. He ventures longer and further afield, sometimes not being seen for several weeks, but still never neglecting his duty and family’s needs by returning empty handed.

Upon returning from one such sojourn he finds his town pillaged, villagers dead in the street and in their homes, larders emptied, livestock stolen. Orcs are the obvious answer, but no hints can be found of their usual rampages, no detritus, black quarrels or houses aflame.
Of the actual perpetrators he finds no clue but for a scrap of a banner clutched by his dead brother, bloodied lumber axe still in hand. Many are missing, there are far too few bodies to account for the entire community, including his younger sister Natali. Using his years of hunting and tracking experience he determines a large raiding party set upon the village and took prisoners out in chains. He tracks them down the river’s edge south to the Fallen Lands, losing their trail in the moors there.
Determined to discover his sister’s fate, he sets off with the only clue he has, back-tracking the raiding party north. If he can determine where they came from, maybe he can find out more about them and where they are going.

Bjorn Jager

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