Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Farewell to Fallcrest

The end of 4th edition...

The Road So Far..

The warped Necromancer Malareth has been vanquished by the party, and his necromantic skull focus taken.
The party learns that Traevus and Malareth were contracted to obtain the skull under duress from a mysterious 3rd party who threatened Traevus’s family. After obtaining it, Malareth (disobeying the direction to not open the box) was corrupted and succumbed to the necromantic powers inside.
The box is meant to be delivered to an agent in the town of Greenest by the end of the week, or Traevus’s family will be executed. The party strikes a deal to take the box to Greenest, and Treavus and his family leave Fallcrest for the deep south.
The party returns to Fallcrest to relax and regroup, and spot the familiar sign leading to The Jiggling Jugs, a tavern of notable disrepute.
Inside the tavern the inkeep gives them the low down on what has been happening.
Raiders recently stole a nearby farmers daughter, and now he sits in the corner every night, drinking.
Word has been spreading of the mysterious Cult of the Dragon rising again up along the sword coast.
Looting and pillaging raiders are becoming more prominent in the south.
Hector and Balthazar approach Olaf Larrson, Lilly’s father, and sooth him before “convincing/lying” that his daughter had fallen in love with a raider and run off to be with him. They return her locket.
Durin manages to find himself a table playing Blind man’s bluff with one Valaric Silversong (a half-elf bard). During his card game with Durin, he tells (after a few tankards of ale) Valaric all about the quest to vanquish Malereth and save Traevus. Valaric sees this as an opportunity to broaden his repertoire and travel with a band of adventurers that will go down in history. The game does not end well for the stalwart dwarf, with the cunning half-elf fleecing him of this recently acquired gold and precious moonstone.
Sitting with her back against the wall facing the door Lagertha the Shieldmaiden listens intently to the kind Sorceror Balthazar bluff (rather well she notices) to Olaf about his daughter. “Liars! Time for the bard to write another tale.” she thinks, running her hand over the pommel of her sword, and looks over to Valaric playing a game of chance against a Dwarf.
In the furthest, darkest corner of the room, a ranger and a hooded figure listen intently to the inkeepers discussion with the party. Maybe this group has what it takes to destroy the cult once and for all?

Sitting quietly alone in contemplation, Ranulf prays to his Gods.
That night in his dreams a giant golden dragon comes to him, it is Bahamut, God of justice and nobility. “My child, rumbles the God. A great calamity is upon this world. The forces of evil are rising up and you are called to stop them, in my name….” The dragon fades and Ranulf awakes, panting. He feels the touch of the God on him. He knows what must be done, and so with a heavy heart he packs his bags immediately, and sets out into the night, taking the road north.
The next morning Durin Bluetooth received word from his clan back at home that an old blood-fued between his family and a rival clan had risen up again. Durin said his apologies and goodbyes to his fellow adventurers and made all haste back to his mountain home to try to stop the senseless feuding (as he believes dwarves should be united against the goblin and orc threat rather than killing one another).
Ravenite, having barely made a profit from the so called “adventure” decides to cut her losses and leave for the south, far away from the talk of dragons.


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