Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Episode 1: Greenest In Flames!

Burn baby burn!

The party departs to Greenest, hoping to find more information about the Cult of The Dragon.
Upon approach, they spy the town under attack from bandits…and a dragon!​

Waiting for the cover of dark, the adventurers slip into town and before long come to the aid of a young woman, Linan Swift, her husband Cuth and their three children who were being attacked by Kobolds.
Swiftly dealing with the kobolds, Linan mentions that bandits are looting the town, and cutting down anyone who attempts to stop them from taking gold, jewelry and valuables. Most of the town has fled to the keep which is currently held by the Castellian Escobert the Red (a Dwarf) and Governor Nighthill, and elderly man who runs the town.

Sneaking through the outskirts they finally reach the keep, and race across the open ground just as the sally port closes behind them.

The Governor entreats the adventurers for help saving the town mill, which they oblige. Navigating the old sewer tunnel, they hit a stumbling block when they are forced to smash open the old rusted door and are set upon by a band of cultits and kobolds who heard the news and came investigating.

As the last of the cultist blood falls, the adventurers reach the mill, and immediately smell something fishy. The bandits do not seem to be trying to burn the mill, rather just seem like it is under attack. They lassoo a cultist and intimidate him into unveiling the plot:

The town is under attack by Frulam Mondath and the Cult of the Dragon. Their goal is to collect treasure for the great horde of the queen of dragons. They also discover that due to their earlier victories in town, word has traveled to Mondath that there was a force abound, and a trap was set. with this knowledge, the adventurers bluffed the ambushes inside the barn into fleeing.​

Arriving back at the keep, they are granted a quick respite before terror returns. A giant blue dragon swoops low upon the town, terrifying soldiers and adventurers alike.The town guard fires upon the dragon in an attempt to ward off the beast. In a bizarre turn of events, the only adventurer no to run in fear, the rogue Hector, INSPIRED, attempts to parlay with the dragon, Lennithon. The dragon has been sent to merely keep the tower folk occupied and inside the castle while the town is looted by raiders (a task which it thinks is beneath it). The party plays to the dragons vanity and manage to convince it that the attacks are beneath its concern. Finally, the Dragon grows tired of being used, and flies away.

With dawn approaching, a challenge is roared to the defenders.
Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, a blue half-dragon champion agrees to release some captives, as long as a challenger from the castle comes down to the town square to duel.​

After a LONG deliberation, the bard Valerian steps forward as the champion (obviously tired of writing the tales of others).
Cyanwrath releases all but one captive, the wife of a town guard, Sergeant Markguth. Any
interference in the duel would result in her death.
The duel goes about as well as expected, and the bard lies broken on the ground, his face and nose broken.
The champion looks down with disgust, and the woman is released as the bandits sink away into the town.
Healers tend to the broken bard, who now is seriously regretting being the face of that encounter.
Even with healing, his nose will never be the same – a little whistle, toot, escapes whenever he breathes heavily.

When the sun rises on Greenest, over half of the towns buildings are heavily damaged and much of the wealth was carried away. Hundreds of injured are crowded into the keep or found hiding in cellars. A hundred or so were not so lucky.

The adventurers have a few hours rest and heal their wounds. No doubt they and the Governor have some questions about the raiders, the cult and the mysterious necromantic box they have in their possession.


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